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Living Proof Hair Products

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is all about Living proof Restore Instant Protection and Instant Repair Lotion. If you don’t know, Jennifer Aniston is co-owner of Living proof. 

I decided to try these babies out when I needed to find good heat protector for my hair when I use the blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron.

What does it do? 

Instant Protection Spray – It protects your hair from the heat styling tools and UV rays that are high risk that can damage your hair.

  • Weightless protection
  • Protects hair from styling tools that heat up to 450 degrees
  • UV Rays for 24 hours

Instant Repair Lotion – Corrects and treats your hair before, during and after styling. 

  • It prevents 93% slip ends
  • It smooths and corrects your hair damaged hair from the cuticles so they act new
  • Makes your hair 15x stronger in just 1 use. 

What I love about Living proof?

Living proof  products are all sulfate-free, silicone free, and oil-free, so it’s safe for color and chemically treated hair. The prices vary depending on the size you want $17-29. I am huge fan of sulfate-free products. 

I use both these products daily and will continue to do so. I love how it leaves my hair feeling smooth, my hair looks healthier and it literally feels like my hair looks alive. So much shinier, bouncy and thicker. 

If you’re looking for something to help with damaged, brittle, split-ends, etc… I would definitely splurge on Living proof. It’s definitely worth the money. You can find these products at Ulta. 

Have you tried Living proof? 


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  1. 9.18.15

    Hmm, I’m yet to try living proof products but I love that it’s safe for colored hair. Plus, I’m totally LOVING the picture you used in this post!

    • 9.18.15

      I color my hair for spring and then fall. I’ve used these products when I got the ombre done this summer and I loved it. Even now when I colored my hair brown. Its seriously amazing. I plan to try their shampoo/conditioner.

      And thank you 🙂

  2. 9.18.15
    Lindsay Katherine said:

    I’m so happy you posted on these products – I have been interested in learning about these products. Have you tried any others from this line?

    • 9.18.15

      You’re welcome. I plan to try their shampoo/conditioner soon. I’ll definitely write a review on that too once I give it a try.

  3. 9.18.15
    Sarah Emily said:

    My mom swears by living proof.. I really wanted to like them but, I think for my hair type they just weren’t effective! I love the way you do your reviews though-super detailed! Also, look out for something in the mail in the beginning of next week!

    • 9.18.15

      Awww that’s a bummer. Which products did you try? And Thank you. I love being detailed when it comes to reviews. Its very important.

      ….I wonder what I’ll be getting 😉

  4. 9.18.15

    No I haven’t tried Living proof but it does sound really good – thanks and I’ll look for it around here!

  5. 9.18.15

    I use their leave in repair lotion and i love it!

  6. 9.18.15
    Liz said:

    These look great! I need to try them.. with all the summer sun my hair is definitely in need of repair!

  7. 9.18.15

    I never heard of these products before, so thank you for sharing! Definitely is something I need to look into and buy.

  8. 9.18.15
    chall1018 said:

    Never even knew about these! I am a big fan of Jennifer Anniston, though! I am going to have to grab these.

  9. 9.18.15
    Christina said:

    I will have to try these. I’m always at Ulta and looking for new things and haven’t seen this. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 9.18.15
    Kelsey said:

    I’m such a big fan of this line! And I constantly steer everyone towards it. I have a question for you! For the instant protection spray do you spray it on damp hair or is it more for heat protection from flat irons and curling irons? xo

    Kelsey |

  11. 9.18.15
    Kara said:

    I’ve tried a few of their products and love them! Glad to see you like them too 🙂

  12. 9.18.15
    Jasmine Espinal said:

    I’ve wanted to try these for a while but have been skeptical. Glad you wrote up a review on them.

  13. 9.18.15

    I keep hearing how amazing Living Proof is, I’ll have to check them out!

  14. 9.19.15
    jillconyers said:

    I need new hair products. I”ll check LP out this weekend. Thanks.