Long-Lasting Makeup Routine [+Tutorial]

Long-Lasting Makeup Tutorial

Nobody likes it when their makeup doesn’t last a long time, especially in the summer. I am here to share with you guys a few tips that have helped me to ensure that my makeup lasts a long time. Even on a hot humid day. Now keep in mind I can’t control your sweat. This is something I tell my clients as well. Using the right makeup products and these tips are going to help ensure your makeup lasts throughout the day.

Long-Lasting Makeup Tutorial


Long-Lasting Makeup Routine

When it comes to my long-lasting makeup routine first thing first is making sure I have clean skin. Meaning I have cleansed, toned, and moisturized my skin. Doing this ensures me that I have no oils or dirt on my skin, gives a clean fresh skin for makeup. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, always wash your face in the morning. Having dirty skin is not going to help your makeup last all day.

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Makeup Tips:

  • Oily/Combo Skin: Use a primer that is matte. This is going to help control your natural oils from coming through your makeup. You can check out this blog post on which primers are my favorite. Dry Skin: Use a primer that is hydrating (dewy).
  • Always apply setting spray after applying your primer. This is going to help your makeup stick to your skin and make sure it doesn’t move. I prefer the Urban Decay All Nighter I think it works amazingly with all skin types. I use this on my clients whether they have oily, combination, or dry skin. It works on all skin types.
  • Apply setting spray after you have finished with your face makeup. I promise using a setting spray is what’s going to keep your makeup from falling apart.
  • Use a long-lasting foundation and concealer.
  • Don’t use so much product! Meaning you don’t want to add layers of foundation or concealer. Layering up the foundation or concealer is not going to last all day.

Products Used:

Below are all the products I used on my face. These products I’ve talked and used for a long time. I absolutely love them. LIP COLOR: Besame Cosmetics – Red Velvet

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  1. These are some great tips! It really can be so hard to get a long-lasting makeup look during the summer. I’ll have to try some of these products!

    Posted 7.27.20 Reply
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I only recently began using the trick of applying setting spray after primer – and sometimes I spray it between my foundation/concealer and my powder as well. I’ve noticed it helps my makeup last longer and look more flawless throughout the day. I LOVED watching your video and seeing how this look came to life. Stunning as always, friend!

    Posted 7.27.20 Reply
  3. These are amazing, I’ll be sure to use this tips and some of these products, thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.28.20 Reply
  4. Ahh I’ll have to try a few of these! I love the L’oreal Infalliable line- all of it is amazing!

    Posted 7.28.20 Reply
  5. Deborah wrote:

    Great tips! I really need to invest in a good setting spray. These hot humid days are the end of my makeup looks without it!

    Posted 7.29.20 Reply
  6. Melissa wrote:

    I really need a primer that is matte. It’s ridiculous how oily my skin is at the moment! Definitely going to try that.

    Posted 7.29.20 Reply
  7. jess wrote:

    Wow, I never have tried using setting spray before applying the makeup/after primer. I always have just used it at the end. Trying that tonight!

    Posted 7.30.20 Reply
  8. Lily Ayala wrote:

    Setting spray and powder are my BFF’s in the Summer…especially when I’m wanting something long-lasting. You look gorgeous, Jasmine!

    Posted 8.2.20 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    I swear by All Nighter, and it’s a major player in my long-lasting routine as well. I swap a cream or liquid foundation for my favorite powder version, which I find exceptional if you plan on spending 8 hours outside in 90 degree weather… true story…. lol

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

    Posted 8.5.20 Reply