Look Your Best During the Holidays

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Look Your Best During the Holidays
This post is sponsored by Clear Eyes but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Who here struggles with itchy eyes during the winter? I personally do. It’s the worst feeling especially when I want to wear makeup. Anything can easily trigger an itchy red eye for me. Like accidentally poking my eye while doing makeup, makeup powders getting into my eye or just dust. I’m that person that will start to rub and rub my eyes and then they’re bloodshot red. It’s a terrible habit and bad for your eyes.

Look Your Best During the Holidays

Another issue I do notice that I tend to get is dry eyes. This most likely caused by the cold wind we get during the winter months. But I’ve started to use the Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief Eye Drops and let me tell you this has been so useful to have on hand. I always keep a bottle on my vanity. Since I wear contacts I like to always apply a few drops on each eye before I put on my contacts. I ALWAYS give it like 5 minutes before putting them in. This has definitely helped my eyes from getting red.


Look Your Best During the Holidays

Since we are just days away from celebrating the holidays, I want to tell you that the Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief Eye Drops is an amazing product to have on hand. Not only is it going to clear your red eyes and/or soothe dry eyes but it’s also going to give you whiter, more radiant eyes. You don’t want to spend your holiday with your friends/family being irritated by your eyes.


  • Apply recommended drops in each eye before leaving your home.
  • Apply recommended drops before doing your makeup.
  • Bring the eye drops with you to reapply when you need to.

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