L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

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I’ve been hearing so many raves about the new L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation so I decided to jump on that band wagon and try it out. 

Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is a lightweight and creamy, foundation goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours. It also hides imperfections for a smooth, clear complexion. This foundation is perfect if you have oily skin because it’s oil-free. 

I love this foundation. You can barely feel it on your face. I gives you medium coverage but you can apply more to get full coverage. 

I only had one issue with this foundation and it was the color. I’m naturally tan and unfortunately there is no testers to see which one matches your skin better. So when I picked up “Classic Tan #109” I assumed it was going to be my match well if you can see the bottle looks like it would match my skin tone but no it didn’t. It was too dark for me and I have to mix it with another brand in order to match my skin tone. 

Definitely planning to go back and grab a lighter shade so just be cautious when shopping for this foundation. 

I haven’t tried their primer or powder for this line yet but plan to. Have you tried this foundation? 

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  1. 7.29.15

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this and was curious. I need a good coverage because I have large pores. I may give this a try when my current foundation runs out!

  2. 7.29.15

    I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal, but I’ve never tried their foundation. My skin is pretty sensitive so I stick with Lancome or Clinique for my face. L’Oreal makes great mascara though!

  3. 7.29.15
    Robyn Hinkle said:

    Good to know about the tone being darker than it looks, I’ll have to remember that! Thanks for sharing this Jasmine! 🙂

  4. 7.29.15

    Good to know! Any light weight products are good in my books.

  5. 7.29.15
    Allison Gallagher said:

    I definitely want to try this now…I love new products and I hoard foundation so this is the next one on my list!

  6. 7.29.15

    LOVE this foundation (currently wearing it right now). I love that it’s medium coverage yet still build-able.

  7. 7.29.15

    yes yes! I love this one. the one I got was a little dark for me too, but it’s ok now since I got tan.

  8. 7.29.15
    Dayne Prescott said:

    A girl at my office was actually talking about this L’Oreal product a couple weeks ago. She loves it!

  9. 7.29.15
    chall1018 said:

    I have been wanting to try this! I’m going to grab it tonight 🙂

  10. 7.29.15
    Lindsay Katherine said:

    It’s on my shopping list!!

  11. 7.29.15
    Allison Ellzey said:

    Lost all of my make up in the move lol and I’ve been looking for a new foundation! I may pick this up tonight along with the powder and primer 🙂

  12. 7.29.15
    Sami Fait said:

    That always sucks finding out its not your color match when you get home! It looks purty and smooth though 🙂

  13. 7.29.15

    I need to get a matte foundation now that I’m visiting my home in New England where it’s SUPER humid and my skin gets way more oily. I’ll have to pick this up! Thanks for the review!!

  14. 7.29.15
    Sharon Beauty said:

    Sorry to hear that the shade doesn’t match. It sucks! It actually happened to me too with Joe Fresh Sheer Tint – the formula was just too dark and I have to mix with lighter shade. Thanks for doing this review!

  15. 7.29.15
    Shann Eva said:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but love that it’s oil free. Thanks for the color tip.

  16. 7.30.15
    Selbe said:

    I’ve really been wanting to try this foundation! I’ll have to pick it up soon.

  17. 8.6.15
    Jae said:

    OK, I’ll definitely check this out (and the one by Maybelline) when my Revlon ColorStay is emptied!