New Eco-Friendly Shower Products: Love Beauty and Planet

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New Eco-Friendly Shower Products: Love Beauty and Planet

I’ve noticed that I haven’t shared many products that I am loving or using when it comes to shower routine. And I have to do better than that. But the only reason why I haven’t, it’s because I haven’t really changed up my routine or products until I received these from Love Beauty and Planet

When it comes to skincare products not only for myself but for my boys I have to be very cautious because we do have sensitive skin. So I do like to stick to using all natural products because it’s made from all natural ingredients which means no irritations. 

Love Beauty and Planet

Which brings me to Love Beauty and Planet. They’re a cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly bath and hair brand. All of the products are packaged in 100% recycled bottles contain responsibly sourced natural ingredients and scents. On top of that, they have conditioner formulas that are effective and rich but easy to rinse out in the effort to conserve water. They have products based on skin type issues and hair issues.

New Eco-Friendly Shower Products: Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet – Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shampoo + Conditioner

I have damaged hair from bleaching and dying my hair which is recovering from switching to natural products. The shampoo + conditioner is infused with virgin coconut oil so it nourishes your hair, helps to visibly repair your hair and prevent split ends for a smooth and healthy looking locks.

What I love about using these is that it smells good, doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry like some natural products I’ve used and rinsing off the conditioner, is a breeze. 

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New Eco-Friendly Shower Products: Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet – Argan oil & Lavender Body Wash

If you know me, I am a LOVER of all things lavender. I have lavender essential oils, creams that contain lavender because lavender helps you unwind and relax. Which is perfect to use before bed. This body is infused with argan oil and heirloom French lavender to help you calm your mind and spirit. 

This makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized. You also come out of the shower smelling like lavender (not so strong but enough to help you unwind). 

New Eco-Friendly Shower Products: Love Beauty and Planet

I have to say that we have been loving these from Love Beauty and Planet. I can definitely see myself purchasing these more often and the good thing is that you can easily find them at Target or Ulta Beauty. I highly recommend these. 

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