Luminess Air

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Luminess Air

Disclosure- Luminess Air products have been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post.

Makeup is something I’m extremely passionate about and when it comes to makeup the perks are trying new products. I was contacted by Luminess Air to do a review on their Airbrush Kit. I’ve never tried or used airbrush kits. It’s like a new thing for me. I was a little intimated at first but after a few uses I got the hang of it. 

The Luminess Air airbrush kit comes with the airbrush machine, 4 different foundation shades, primer, brightening glow, bronzer and blush. 

Luminess Air

When you order your airbrush kit you get to pick a certain color for your kit, of course I chose pink. Duh I love that color. But they do have colors such as: black, white, and teal/aqua. The next thing you need to do is pick your skin tone color and the type of finish you want. 

Luminess Air

The kit comes with 4 different foundation shades which you can mix together to make sure you can match your skin tone color. The machine is super easy to use; basically connect the adapter to it, turn on the machine and place a few drops of the products into the bowl. Pushing the lever forward and spraying about 3-4 inches away from your face. You can’t push it forward too hard because you’ll just be applying a lot of the product on your skin. 

Luminess Air

My overall opinion on the Luminess Air kit? Well it didn’t work well with my skin. I have oily skin so the product was breaking apart on my skin. It looked cakey and it felt sticky. I really didn’t like it. I wish I did but sadly not everything works well on everyone. Luminess Air is offering my readers 20% off (discount code: 594922366) if you want to purchase & try the products. 

Have you tried Luminess Air? What are your thoughts on it?  

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  1. 9.17.16

    Sucks that this doesn’t work that well on oily skin. I would have loved to try it!


  2. 9.18.16
    Angelle Marix said:

    Ahh, I hate that you didn’t like it. I’ve never tried airbrush makeup. Being oily skinned, it probably wouldn’t look good on me.


  3. 9.21.16
    Rachel C said:

    This fascinates me! I just think i lack the necessary skill to do it nicely, but you’re makeup always looks FLAWLESS to me no matter what you do!