Microneedling at Home

Microneedling at Home

Happy Monday beauties! I am here to talk to you guys about micro-needling. Not sure what micro-needling is? Well, then this is the post you want to read in order to get informed.  I’ve been testing and playing around with SDARA Skincare products for a few weeks now. I’ve mentioned before on my Instagram account that I wouldn’t share skincare products unless I’ve tested them out at least 3+ weeks. When I was sent this derma roller by SDARA Skincare, I was honestly confused by it.

Microneedling at Home

Microneedling at Home


Microneedling at Home

Microneedling at Home

Microneedling at Home

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Microneedling at Home with SDARA Skincare

I wasn’t sure what it was for and how to use it. I did my research on the product and learned how to properly use it, if you should use products with it and why you should use it.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation (collagen induction therapy). Derma Roller is made up of micro-fine needles that range in diameter from 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters. This is an affordable version of a spa treatment that can easily cost anywhere from $100-700!! That’s very pricey in my book.

What are the benefits of using a Derma Roller?

First thing first, the needle is non-invasive. It doesn’t hurt if anything it feels like something pricking you. Which didn’t bother me. Using a Derma Roller (microneedling) helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, improves scars, prevents signs of aging, and induces collagen production and actually strengthens the epidermis.

How do you use it?

You definitely want to be very careful with the derma roller. I mean they are needles and you don’t want to hurt yourself with it. You want to use it up and down, lifting the tool up when you want to change directions. Just like when you use a jade roller. Except you want to stay away from your eye area. Use light pressure as well.

Your skin NEEDS to be clean and dry. You don’t ever want to use the derma roller on dirty skin. Also, make sure you sanitize the derma roller by using rubbing alcohol since it’s penetrating into your skin and you don’t want to use it without cleaning first.

What products do you use?

So you actually don’t use any product when you are using the derma roller. Once you are done with the derma roller you want to apply either face serum or moisturizer. My favorite serums to use are SDARA Skincare Vitamin C Serum, Good Molecules Hyaluronic Serum, Dermologica Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum, and Kate Somerville Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum.

My overall thought on this product, I definitely love it. You won’t see a difference right away. It takes about 1-2 weeks to see changes. You only use the derma roller once a week. It doesn’t hurt at all to do this at home. It feels like tiny little pricks. You can get your own derma roller from SDARA Skincare for $24.

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    When derma rollers first blew up I was hearing all sorts of negative things about them, including that they are not sanitary and that they are bad for your face. Your instructions are very informative and remove the mystification and bad juju surrounding derma rollers. I myself am not yet brave enough to try one of these because needles honestly freak me out.

    xoxo Amanda | http://www.theaestheticedge.com

    Posted 3.8.20 Reply
    • okay so I am actually scared of needles (even though I have tattoos) and it’s truly not that bad. It doesn’t hurt at all. You can do it.

      Posted 3.13.20 Reply