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Wow, October is almost done and I’m a little sad, to be honest. You guys know that I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday ever. Not that I’m not excited to put my Christmas decor, but I feel I wasn’t really able to enjoy the full fall activities like I wanted to. I do wedding makeup so my weekends are pretty packed. But here’s to hoping that I’m able to enjoy my Christmas activities.

Now that it’s towards the end of October, it is time to share my October favorites. 


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For reference, I’m 5’2″ & 145 lbs.  I normally wear the following sizes:  Shoes (6), Tops (M), Jeans (6/8)

October Monthly Favorites

October Favorites

Goosebump (2023 TV Show) – If you have watched this show on Disney+, you are missing out. We were so hooked on it after episode 2. It’s definitely got the thrill, comedy, and spooky you would have gotten from the og Goosebump show. 

Ghostface Nails – Scream is one of my favorite movies for Halloween. And I knew I wanted to do the Ghostface nails. My nail tech Nina freaking killed it. I still can’t get over how freaking amazing they looked. 

We recently bought this machine because we were in need of a new one. And honestly, best thing ever. I love that it opens and closes automatically. It also heats up within 20 seconds. The water tank makes it easy to put on the side to fit on my coffee bar. I would definitely buy it when it’s on sale. That’s what we did.

My husband gifted these to me and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I will say that it takes time to get used to it. Sadly it looks like they’re out of stock because they’re so popular but there are dupes for these if you’re looking for an affordable option. Linked here

I recently shared on TikTok my favorite pair of leggings from Amazon and these were mentioned. I love how soft they feel, they also give me tummy control. You can wear these to workout without feeling like your undies are going to show. 

I bought this recently and I am loving it. I love how it makes my skin look. It’s not cakey at all. Very lightweight with medium to full coverage. I have combo skin and it works great with my skin.  

Looking for an affordable retinol serum, this is it. I love how my skin has been looking since I’ve added this into my nighttime routine. 

As someone with stick-straight lashes. This mascara has been amazing in keeping them curled all day. I also love how volumizing and lengthening it is. 

Dry scalp/hair? You absolutely need this hair shampoo + conditioner. It’s so hydrating. I’ve also noticed how great my scalp has been feeling since using this.