Pimple Patch That Actually Works

Pimple Patch That Actually Works

Nobody likes breakouts. Let’s be real here. They’re annoying and ugly to look at sometimes. And it definitely breaks your confidence a bit. I’ve tried a lot of pimple patches in the past but there’s one pimple patch that I always come back to all the time. Even my teenager and husband use it when they get breakouts.

Dime Beauty Pimple Patch

I have been using the Dime Beauty Power Patch. These pimple patches are like stickers that are made with hydrocolloid, Vitamin S, salicylic acid, and clove oil. The Power Patch helps dramatically to reduce the size or appearance of blemishes in a matter of hours. Personally, I noticed the longer you leave it on the better it works. Whenever I get a pimple I put a patch on and leave it on overnight, peel it off in the morning you can see the aftermath on the patch.

One of the best parts about these is that they don’t budge at all. They stay put throughout the whole night. You won’t find them on your pillow, hair, or anywhere else. You get two sheets in the package. And each sheet has different sizes. The patches are also translucent, so you won’t even see them on at all.

I highly recommend trying them out for yourself. These will last you a long time because of how many patches you get in the 2 sheets. You also get 20% off with my code: JV20. No more popping your pimple. Just leave it to the Power Patch to help get rid of the blemish.

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  1. Sally wrote:

    These sound amazing – just what I need for that emergency.

    Posted 3.7.22 Reply