Pixi Beauty + Maryamnyc

Pixi Beauty + Maryamnyc

Highlighting and contouring can be hard for some people, who aren’t skilled in makeup. But when I started to get into makeup and improving my makeup application skills, I knew that eventually, I would need to do highlighting and contouring. When I saw that Pixi Beauty collaborated with Maryam Maquillage, I knew that I would love this highlighting and contouring palette. 

Now, this highlighting and contouring palettes are not your typical contouring palettes. These aren’t the powders like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Kat Von D. These palettes actually have highlighters and bronzers. Which are my favorite because I love to glow to the Gods and look bronzy. 

Pixi Beauty + Maryamnyc

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Left: Strobe & Sculpt // Right: Glow & Bronze

Maryam created two versatile palettes which work great for all skin tones. Each palette is $20 which to me isn’t bad when you’re getting 3 highlighters and 3 bronzers. You can also purchase the double ended brush which is $14. The brush is so soft. 

NOW when you go to Target and you spot this you’re going to notice that each palette says “Strobe & Sculpt” and “Strobe & Bronze”. But on the back in small printing, it says “Glow & Bronze Palette” and “Highlight & Contour” which will be confusing for anyone who isn’t familiar with it. They both look like bronzers and highlights, so why not keep the name simple? Right! 

Strobe & Sculpt (Highlight and Contour)

As you can tell from the picture above this palette is very bronzy. These contour shades vary from medium bronze, a cool tone, and very deep shades. You can see that this palette also has a banana shade for under eye highlighting but to me, this was more of a highlighter for the cheekbones. The other two shades which are a peachy tone highlight and gold highlighter are pigmented. The Strobe & Sculpt palette is definitely meant for medium to dark skin girls. 

Strobe & Bronze (Glow & Bronze)

The name says it all. This palette is definitely meant for bronzing. Although it does include 3 highlighters, I feel like 1 of the bronzer has shimmer in it so I wouldn’t use it as a bronzer. I would use it as a highlighter instead. The shades are pigmented, very sheer and perfect for light skin girls. 

OVERALL opinion on these palettes? I really like them. I feel that you can use these for everyday wear if you want a very subtle bronzy look. The brush that you can purchase for these palettes, is a must have. I found that it blends out the bronzer very well. You can use the smaller end to apply the highlight. 

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Have you tried any of these Pixi + Maryam palettes? 

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