Prepping Your Skin for Self-Tanners

Prepping Your Skin for Self-Tanners

I self-tan! It’s true. I love to do it because I personally don’t like to be out in the sun for so long because I get extremely dark so quick (not that there’s anything wrong with that) BUT I also don’t like the feeling of being sweaty. Last summer I went out to the waterpark with my family and I got so dark so quick that I still have tan lines from last year. But I do love having that summer glow all year round. Because of that, I’m going to let you know how I prep my skin for self-tanners. I know that some people aren’t sure how to prep their skin for self-tanners or they don’t do these steps in order to make sure their self-tanners last. I have to express how important it is to make sure that you do these steps. 

Steps to Prepping Your Skin for Self-Tanners

Shower with Warm Water – If you’re like me who loves to shower with hot water or in the summer cold water, don’t do that. You want to make sure it’s lukewarm. You also want to make sure you’re using plain soap rather than moisturizing soap.

Shave – You want to make sure you shave your body. If you don’t do this then your self-tanner won’t apply on your skin smoothly or you’ll have patches. 

Exfoliate – You want to make sure that you use a good body exfoliator in order to remove all the dead skin and dry skin from your body. Also make sure you really focus on your knees, elbows and anywhere else you get dry on your body. 

Dry Off – Make sure you’re completely dried off. You don’t want any moisture on your skin when you’re applying the self-tanner. Otherwise, you’ll have patches. 

Moisturize – Use a really good moisturizer on your body to lock in some moisture on your skin. You want to focus on your knees, elbows, feet, and ankles.

Now your body is ready for the self-tanner. I like to make sure I apply my self-tanner with a glove if you don’t have one just make sure you wash your hands after applying. Or you’ll have orange hands. Not cute at all. A few things to remember when you’re doing your own tanning at home:

  • Do not wax the day of. 
  • Rinse off after you’ve had on the self-tanner. You don’t want to use soap because the tanner is still developing on your skin. (Keep in mind with some self-tanners you can actually use soap when showering just read the instructions). 
  • Moisturize!! 
  • Reapply self-tanner 2-3x a week to make sure the color lasts. 
  • SUNSCREEN must be applied. Self-tanners DO NOT have sunscreen. 

Down below you’ll see my favorite products to use when it comes to self-tanners, exfoliators, and moisturizers.  Million Dollar Tan Review


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