Real Techniques Brushes & Sponge Favorites

Real Techniques Brushes & Sponge Favorites

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Many of you know that besides blogging full time, I’m also a freelance makeup artist in my city. As a freelancer, you basically depend on reliable tools that are affordable. Definitely, can’t be spending so much money on expensive brushes for work when you’re starting off. My favorite brushes to use when it comes to my freelance job is definitely the Real Techniques Brushes & Sponges. 

About Real Techniques & Sponges

When I first discovered Real Techniques, I was really excited to see how well these brushes work. To my surprise, they became my favorite drugstore brushes. The creators behind Real Techniques Brushes and Sponges are sisters Nic and Sam Chapman. They’re two British makeup professionals who have amazing videos on how to create different looks using their brushes and makeup sponges.  Don’t worry if you’re new to brushes and not sure how to use any of them, they have “how to” videos for you. 

Real Techniques Brushes & Sponge Favorites

I can honestly say that I have a collection of their beauty sponge. I’m talking like more than 4. It blends out the makeup so beautifully when I use it on myself and my clients. I also have their blush, expert, setting and sculpting brushes. The Setting Brush works PERFECTLY for setting your concealer with powder. When you cream contour and use the Face Expert Brush, I tell you this brush is a must. 

Real Techniques Brushes & Sponge Favorites

You can find Real Techniques at your local Walmart store nationwide and they also come in a variety of price range. Stop by your local Walmart’s beauty aisle and you’ll earn 15 kicks on Shopkick for scanning the Real Techniques products plus 150 for uploading your receipt when you purchase Real Techniques products. {Download the app!! iOS click here OR Android click here}

Real Techniques Brushes & Sponge Favorites

What are your favorite Real Techniques brushes?

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