Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas

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Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas

We are only 10 months away until we say I do. I can’t believe how fast this year is going. Next month we will be celebrating our 1-year engagement. When we got engaged last year in December, I knew right away what I wanted to for my wedding but also what gifts I wanted to gift my bridal party. I got so many inspirations not only from Pinterest but from other previous brides (mainly were bloggers) that I followed. 

When it came to figuring out what gifts I wanted to ensure it was something my bridesmaids, flower girl, my mom and future mother in law could actually keep, reuse and of course was at a reasonable price. I’m on a budget here ladies, so anything at a cheap price is okay with me. If you’re like me, I have a few gift ideas that are not only amazing but also under $30.

Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Robes – I love these and love the idea of having my bridal party wear something while they get ready and of course match. As I was looking I noticed that the majority of them are over my budget. I knew that Etsy would have decent looking ones and customizable for a good price. I found these satin robes from an Etsy shop called Lovey Dovey Design By Us. They’re starting rate is $18.90 for an adult size. But it also depends if you want any embroidery done. For me, this price was a steal! These are the exact ones I got my bridal party. They even have robes for your flower girl which of course I had to get one for my niece. She even tried it on. I wanted her to feel special as the rest of my ladies. Lovey Dovey Designs by Us also has other bridal party gift items at a good price! I highly recommend checking them out.

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Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas[/asym_gallery] [asym_gallery style=”style_one” full=”no” layout=”portrait”]Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Reasonably Priced Bridal Party Gift Ideas[/asym_gallery]

Champagne Flutes – These make a great gift if you’re also on a budget. You can easily find them on Etsy. You can even make them yourself if you’re crafty enough to do so. I have seen others do so with those Cricket. I also got some of these for my bridesmaids.

Wristlets – They don’t have to be big ones or anything. Just big enough to be able to hold their lipstick, phone, and money/cards (and any female essentials). Cause really that’s all they’re going to be using the day of the wedding.

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Cosmetic Bags – Also make a great gifting for your bridal party because they are able to use these daily. Just be sure you don’t get something that says “bridesmaids”, just like their initial or name. Cause then they can reuse them.

Water Bottles – I love these! Especially because everyone drinks water. So having a water bottle with their name on it would be cute and reusable.

Tell me below what are some other reasonably priced gift ideas for a bridal party? I love hearing your thoughts!

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