Red Lobster Crabfest- Our Favorite Date Night Spot

Red Lobster - Our Favorite Date Night Spot

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Ever since Brian met me, he knew that I love seafood. I’m half Ecuadorian so seafood was given to us growing up and we actually enjoyed eating. Surprising right? When Brian and I went on our first date I remember telling him how much I like to go to Red Lobster because they have the best seafood and their cheddar bay biscuits are BOMB. Throughout the summer we definitely like to take advantage of any specials Red Lobster has and this year we went during Crabfest. 

We only have one Red Lobster in Madison, which is right across from East Town Mall. The good thing about this location is that you don’t need any reservations. Depending on what time you go and how many people you have, there may be a 30-45 minute wait time but that’s never an issue if you can grab a seat at the bar and order some drinks. Surprisingly there wasn’t any wait when we went in, so we were seated immediately. 

As soon as we got seated our waitress was amazing, she told us immediately all about the Crabfest. She told us all about the two brand new types of wild-caught crab on the Crabfest menu which are caught off the coasts of Alaska, Canada and near the coasts of South America: Dungeness and Southern King.

Types of Crabs:

  • North American Snow Crab: Snow Crab is known for its trademark large clusters, snowy-white meat and sweet, delicate flavor.
  • Southern King Crab: Southern King Crab, found primarily off the Pacific Coast of South America, features a mild flavor and delicate texture.
  • Dungeness Crab: Dungeness Crab is caught from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America, boasting a salty and sweet flavor, with stronger flavors in the claw and leg meat.
  • Alaska King Crab: This is the largest of Alaska’s three crab species, prized for its leg meat, rich flavor, and tender texture.
  • Blue Crab: Blue Crab, most commonly used for crab cakes, is found along the Atlantic Coast of North America and features a sweet flavor and softer texture.

All About Crabfest:

When it comes to crabs it all starts at the source – on the boats out at sea searching for and catching the delicious crab that ends up on the plates at Red Lobster. Whether it’s king crab sourced from the icy waters of Alaska, Dungeness crab from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, or blue crab from the Atlantic Coast of North America, all of the crab served at Red Lobster is traceable to the source. 

Since Red Lobster partnered with Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, we can catch a glimpse of the sea-to-table journey and you’re able to see Wild Bill, crabbing expert and sea captain of the Summer Bay, navigate the waters of the Bering Sea, work with experts to inspect the crab caught on the docks, and join a Red Lobster chef in the kitchen to learn how they expertly prepare the Crabfest dishes. You can learn more about the sea-to-table journey Red Lobster’s Alaska crab, visit/view here

Red Lobster - Our Favorite Date Night Spot

Red Lobster Crabfest Specials:

In honor Crabfest, Red Lobster has created brand new dishes to the menu:

  • NEW! Dueling Crab Legs™– a pairing of Snow and sweet Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab legs, served with a full ear of fresh Chesapeake corn.
  • NEW! Crab Cakes and Crab-Oscar Salmon is the perfect choice – featuring shrimp-topped crab cakes and wood-grilled fresh Atlantic salmon with a crab-hollandaise topping.
  • Crab Lover’s Dream®, featuring wild-caught North American Snow crab legs and king crab legs, paired with Red Lobster’s signature crab linguini, Alfredo. 
  • NEW! Crabfest® Ultimate Surf & Turf– Shrimp-topped crab cakes and wood-grilled sirloin steak with a crab-hollandaise topping. Served with mashed potatoes and choice of side.
  • NEW! Southern King Crab Leg Dinner – Whole Southern King crab legs served with choice of two sides.
  • NEW! Shrimp-Topped Crab Cake Dinner – Two shrimp-topped premium crab cakes with a white-wine and butter sauce. Served with rice and choice of side.

In addition to the new crab dishes, Crabfest features a variety of guest-favorite dishes from Red Lobster’s menu, including the popular Crab Linguini AlfredoUltimate Feast® and the Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs.

Want to make any Crabfest celebration even more special, why not add a drink and appetizer:

  • NEW! Three-Cheese Crab Dip is a creamy blend of crabmeat and three kinds of cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella, and Monterey Jack), served warm with artisan bread.
  • NEW! Crabfest® Cooler, a tropical blend of Malibu®, Midori, Sour Mix and pineapple with a Blue Curacao Float, served in collective Coastal Crab glassware.

Of course, Brian and I had to get the Crabfest® Cooler because it looked so good plus it had pineapple which Brian loves. The drink was definitely delicious. 

Learn more about Crabfest specials, click here!

Red Lobster - Our Favorite Date Night Spot

Brian was spontaneous and tried the Crab Cakes and Crab-Oscar Salmon. Of course, it was his first time trying out Crab Cakes so he absolutely loved it. He got asparagus and mashed potatoes as his side. 

I, on the other hand, ordered my favorite which is the Ultimate Feast. Instead of Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, I got an extra Garlic Shrimp Scampi and had a baked potato as a side. As always, it was delicious. 

Red Lobster - Our Favorite Date Night Spot

Because of the all delicious seafood we had, we had no room for desert.

Crabfest is only here for a limited time, so I suggest you get to Red Lobster and try out anything from their Crabfest specials. You definitely don’t want to miss it. 

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