Sherpa Vests Under $40

Sherpa Vests Under $40

Sherpa Vests Under $40

I am back with another fall fashion post. I swear when it comes to fall fashion, this is my thing. I love fall fashion because it’s cozy and it contains lots of layers. I am all about layers. One of my favorite things about fall fashion is definitely vests. I love being able to wear them with a hoodie or even a long sleeve shirt. Another favorite is sherpa sweaters but when I came across this sherpa vest, I knew I had to get it. I mean c’mon it’s a sherpa vest. The best of both worlds for me.

Sherpa Vests Under $40

Sherpa Vests Under $40

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Sherpa Vests Under $40

This sherpa vest came from Amazon. I was very shocked by how soft and cozy the vest was. Especially cause it came from Amazon and you never know how good the material is going to be. It can be either super soft or very stiff and hard. I did get a size medium in this sherpa vest because I didn’t know how a small would fit but I am happy that I did get a medium because it’s a perfect size and it’s not tight. A small would have been too tight I personally think. This sherpa vest does come in a variety of colors and even in leopard print which I might get.

I can see myself wearing this with a flannel, long-sleeve and a hoodie. Of course, you can style this whatever you like. That’s the whole point of fashion. You do what you like. Below you’ll find other sherpa vests that I liked as well and they’re under $40.

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