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Spring is around the corner and I’m going to share with you some cream and powder blushes that you need to add to your makeup routine. I will also mention the shades’ names so you know which color to get. Of course, these are blushes that I have in my makeup collection but know the colors will be perfect for spring.


Spring Blushes You Need In Your Makeup Routine

Blushes You Need In Your Makeup Routine This Spring

When it comes to spring blushes I feel like you need to have the perfect shades of pink and orange. Just because this helps brighten up the cheeks, gives you that summer glow while still being spring, and brightens up the makeup look.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush – I firmly believe shades Joy, Happy, Virtue, and Lucky are the perfect shades for spring. Her blushes are so creamy, pigmented, and blendable.

Sephora Collection Powder Blush – This powder blush is one of my favorites. All of their shades are so fun for spring. Especially “Flirt It Up”.

On The Glow Blush – This is a blush stick that could be worn alone or over makeup. I personally have not used it yet but I have friends who have and love it. The perfect shade for spring is definitely “Juicy”.

Putty Blush – I know! I know. Not everyone loved this blush but I did. And unless you’ve tried, I wouldn’t knock it just yet. The shade “Turks & Caicos” is a beautiful shade for spring.

Blush Balm Soft-Focus – These blushes are so pigmented a little goes a long way. The color “Provocative Pink” is so pretty but I have “Audacious Apricot” and I love it. Either shade is perfect.

Flower Pots Powder Blush – You need the color “Warm Hibiscus” I have this color and it’s a mix of pink with gold tones. It gives this warm glow to the cheeks.

Soft Matte Cream Blush – Another blush that is super pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I use this one a lot in my get ready with me videos because it’s so good. Shade “rosebud” is a beautiful bright pink work with all skin tones.

Liquid Blush – I have the OG “orgasm” blush but the “torrid” is a warm coral with gold shimmer that is going to warm up the cheeks for spring.

Roseglow Infusion – I personally love when powder blushes have some shimmer to them. This one is a mix of blush + highlight. So you’re getting that glow. Which you need for spring. Peach Shimmer is one of my favorites.