Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

School is almost out and that means summer is officially here in Wisconsin. We are finally having some sunshine and 80-degree weather. Which means it’s finally time to start planning our summer. As many of you know, my boys spend their summer with their dad and stepmom since I have them during the school year. Which means I’m very limited to a number of things I can do with them when I do have them until they leave. The majority of the things we do them is things they can do. Like going to the pool, zoo, splash park, park but once the boys are gone Brian and I like to take this time and do things for ourselves. I mean it’s our free time so we have to take advantage. 

Summer Bucket List

Dane County Fair – We didn’t get to go last summer because we had other plans but this year I need to make sure we go because mama bear needs a funnel cake.  

Farmers Market – I love going to the capital and just being able to try some delicious sweet food carts. Fried food is my favorite. 

Date Nights – Something we plan to take full advantage of this summer. Try out new places. 

Brewers Game – It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Brewer’s game and we haven’t been to a game together at all. Hoping to go with a group of friends/family do a little tailgating. 

Waterparks – Although I’m a huge scary cat when it comes to going to the waterpark, I do love going to it. Speaking of water parks, Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin (and Ohio) has a new waterslide called “The Smoke That Thunders“. I’m so excited to go this summer and give this waterslide a try. If you’re ever in the Wisconsin Dells area for the summer, definitely stop by Kalahari Resorts and try out the waterpark. It’s so fun plus they have an indoor/outdoor waterpark AND indoor theme park. It’s also perfect for the family to attend so I suggest planning a fun weekend getaway to the Kalahari Resorts. 

Summer Bucket List - kalahari resorts

If you do plan on going to the Kalahari Resorts you’ll be able to book a room for your family to stay as well. They have restaurants around the area which is perfect for the family.


Have you been to Kalahari Resorts before? Are you a big fan of waterslides? 


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