Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress + Q&A Part 1

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to know the people I follow. I’m sure you’re the same way when it comes to who you follow. I wanted to do a Q&A and have you guys ask me the questions. I posted this on Instagram last week and I got so many questions that I had to break this post into 2 parts. You guys asked so many great questions. 

When did you decide that makeup was your passion? – @isalyholland

I realized that makeup was my passion when I was 16 but I didn’t really start pursuing it until 2 years ago. I’m self-taught. I spent hours watching youtube videos and learning as I go. 

How long have you been a blogger? – @maccarose_

Originally I started to blog when I was married and a stay at home mom in 2011 but then I got divorced quit blogging but came back to it full time in January 2015. Happy to say that this is my favorite job of all time. 

Favorite inner corner highlight? – @hairsprayandhighheels

I would have to say Elf Cosmetics Illuminating palette. I like to use the lightest shade in the palette. 

Where are some of your fav places to shop? – @aclassyfashionista

Charlotte Russe, House of W, Shop Tobi, and Target. I’ve very minimal when it comes to clothes but I’m expanding my options when it comes to shopping. 

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

What are some of your tips for new bloggers? – @melsk21 @happilyeverhauser

Some blogging tips for new bloggers are: don’t give up, have patience and stay motivated. Don’t ever compare yourself to other bloggers out there. 

How do you manage your time with kids and blogging? – @andreabaiblog

My boys are in elementary school so during the day that’s when I do all of my blogging and as soon as they get home I do my duties as a mom; cooking, cleaning, etc.. But even when they’re home I still dedicate an hour or two to finish anything that I wasn’t able to get done during the day. 

Do you batch write/take photos for your blog and social media? If so, how? – @georgiapeachy31

When it comes to beauty flat lays or any flat lays for that matter, I definitely take them in batches especially when I get PR packages in the mail. Fashion & lifestyle photos I have a photographer who does that for me. So I do plan things out for my blog. I use my planner to my posts. 

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

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What made you want to start blogging? – @hellorigby

I would have to say my passion for makeup. I also loved English class in high school, so writing was always my favorite. 

What’s your favorite part of blogging? – @alliegee319

Meeting so many people. I’ve made amazing friends and that’s what I love. 

What’s your absolute fave drugstore beauty brand? – @cara_kindlyunspoken 

NYX Cosmetics for sure. 

How do manage blogging and life?? – @fabvmom

My kids and boyfriend are always going to be my number 1 priority. So having a work schedule where I can focus on my blog during the day while they’re at school or work is a must for me. I also like to make sure I’m disconnected from social media as much as possible when they’re home. 

What are YOUR favorite blogs? – @kymakeupjunkie

A Blissful Haven, Blonde & Ambitious BlogBrighter Darling, Samantha Show, and Adaleta Avdic 

Sweet Talk Me Cream Floral Dress by Shop Tobi

What is the best way you have found to plan content ahead of time? – @fitchick_nextdoor

I use the “Editorial Calendar” on WordPress. I basically create drafts of what my blog posts are going to be and then I just basically add them to the calendar. 

What programs do you use for blogging? – @thedentalbeauty

I use WordPress.Org for blogging. 

Any tips to grow your following? – @thestyletheory_

Honestly, with the new changes, Instagram is constantly doing it’s really hard to grow your following like before they did their algorithm but I would definitely suggest posting 1-2x a day, utilizing hashtags and engaging with your followers. 

Stay tuned for part 2. On another note, how cute is this dress from Shop Tobi? I’m completely obsessed with it and I can’t wait to wear it this summer. During the summer I love to wear comfy dresses and Shop Tobi has so many cute summer dresses. I would suggest checking them out. 


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