Taste of France at Home

Taste of France at Home

I’ve never been to France but it’s definitely on my bucket list. But planning a vacation to another country can be quite expensive. So why not bring France to your home. Today I’m talking how you can host a wine tasting party at home with French wine, butter, and cheese. No need to spend tons of dollars to do this. I’ve never done a wine tasting before and I was definitely excited to do this when I received these French wines. I had my best friends and my parents over to help me taste the wines. 

If you’ve never done a wine tasting at home, here’s a list of things you need for the wine tasting: 

  • Wine (different types of wine: dessert, red, white etc..)
  • Appetizers
  • Wine Tasting sheets – so you can write down your thoughts on each wine

Taste of France at Home

When it comes to wine I’m definitely more of a sweet white wine type of gal but others may like reds; like my dad. I also love how not everyone has the same taste in wines. Lucky for me, I was sent a variety of wines to taste for this home wine tasting. 

Tour of France at Home

Trimbach Pinot Gris Reserve 2013 – is a white wine. I can honestly we all agree that this white wine was sweet, refreshing and it has a very good white grape taste. 

Trimbach Riesling 2014 – is a white wine. This one was another we all agreed that was dry and not very sweet but it was still good to drink. 

Mas de Damas Gassac Red 2015 – is a red wine. I’m not a huge fan of red wine, like at all. This wine for me was dry. But it smells like sangria. My dad and everyone else said this red wine is better with food. This red wine was my dad’s favorite he kept drinking it. 

Mas de Damas Gassac Rosé Frizant 2016 – is a pink sparkly wine. This was my favorite. It was more like a champagne type of wine which is another favorite of mine. It was a bit dry but still another favorite. 

Taste of France at Home

President Unsalted Butter is a such a delicious butter that I spread lots of it on my bread. I’m a bread and butter person. Like I can literally eat it every day. Personally, for me, I’m not a fan of brie cheese but if you are, definitely give the Le Chatelain brie a try. It’s better to warm from what I was told but better than the ones you find at your local grocery store for sure. 

Overall we had fun doing this wine tasting at home. It’s always a great way to do with people who love wine. As you can tell we all had different opinions about the wines and it gave us a better opinion of what we will be getting when we go shopping for wine. It was fun getting a taste of France at home. 

Have you done a wine tasting at home? 

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