Tech21’s Antimicrobial Cases

Tech21's Antimicrobial Cases

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Are you guilty of constantly having your phone on you 24/7? I take my phone everywhere with me. And I mean EVERYWHERE. There is not a moment that I don’t have my phone. I mean it is my job to be on my phone all the time. Although I try not to be, it’s really hard. But did you know that your phone is the nastiest thing you touch every day? If you didn’t. Now you know.

I did a little fun experience this past week and I wanted to see how dirty my phone case was and what bacteria/molds/yeast was on my phone case. Although I try to make sure that I disinfect my phone case once a week I still don’t think that’s enough. I was completely surprised when I swabbed my phone case and phone with this germ kit I received. What you do when you get the germ kit, is swab your phone on both sides of the dipslides, place it inside the incubator and wait 24-48 hours. I thought my phone case wouldn’t show any signs of grossness but take a look for yourself.

My phone showed signs of MOLD and bacteria. COMPLETELY DISGUSTING. After I saw these grow inside the incubator I freaked out and I knew I had to do something about this.

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Tech21's Antimicrobial Cases

Tech21's Antimicrobial Cases

Tech21’s Antimicrobial Cases

I am so excited to be using the Tech21’s Antimicrobial Cases. This helps reduce microbes (germs) by 99.99% while protecting your phone drop after drop. Tech21’s Antimicrobial Cases keep your phone safe and clean. Every mom needs this especially if you are trying to protect your little ones from getting sick especially this winter season.

Tech21 is the 2nd most purchased phone case brand in the U.S. And I can see why. Every single person wants to get on board with this case and avoid any type of germs. It’s known for it’s scientifically proven protection and patented materials. For being the antimicrobial case, the case has a sleek style so I have no issues using it on my phone.

Just because the phone case has a sleek style, it can still protect your phone even if it falls from 8 feet high. Drop after drop. Some other phone cases don’t offer that. They offer phone cases for iPhone and Samsung owners. These are some other phone cases you can pick from as well:

  • Case #1:
    Evo Check: Thin and light with a unique check pattern, Evo Check
    adds subtle design detail to your phone’s original beauty.
  • Case #2:
    Studio Colour: Studio Colour is a range of protective cases that
    are thin, light, and look great on your phone.
  • Case #3:
    Pure: Ultra-thin and crystal clear, Pure lets you enjoy your
    smartphone’s original beauty while keeping it well protected.

Now that you’ve seen that my old phone case showed signs of germs. Go get yourself a Tech21’s Antimicrobial Case. You can save 10% when you use code: JASMINE10 from 10/21 – 11/21. Please note that this coupon cannot be used with any other promotion on a website – full-priced products only does not apply to the shipping price. 

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  1. My mouth just dropped open…. WHAT! More people need to know about this. Thanks for sharing Jasmine!

    Posted 10.25.19 Reply