Top 8 Concealers I Won’t Stop Using

8 Concealers I Won't Stop Using

When it comes to concealers I am SO picky. Maybe it’s because I’ve tried so many concealers and haven’t liked them. Not because of the coverage but because it didn’t work well with my skin type. I am an oily mess around my nose, chin and t-zone area. But I am dry under my eyes. It’s always hard to find concealers that work for me. 

I have used these 8 concealers for a very long time and will continue to use because these are my holy grail and go-to. They haven’t let me down at all, the coverage is amazing and just how I want it. It doesn’t look cakey on me. 

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Top 8 Concealers I Won’t Stop Using

For this, I am going to break it down by drugstore and high-end. It always helps for those who are shopping for products for a certain budget. Also some of these I have used on clients especially on my brides. 

ColourPop No Filter – When these first came out I wasn’t sure how good these were going to be. Just because ColourPop is known for their eyeshadows and lipsticks. I went ahead and ordered two of them and instantly I fell in love with it. It’s light-weight, it doesn’t crease, and it gives a matte finish. I was also surprised by the coverage it gives, a medium to full coverage. You are bound to found your shade because they have 30 shades. [Price: $6]

L.A. Girl Pro HD – Although I am not a huge fan of the packaging of this concealer, I do love it. It’s light-weight, long-wearing, it doesn’t crease, and it covers dark circles, redness while giving you an amazing medium coverage. [Price: $4.99

Wet’n Wild Photo Focus – I’ve written a review on this concealer before and you can read it here. But this concealer is not only in my makeup collection but in my freelance kit. It’s a must try and have. It only comes in 6 shades. [Price: $3.99]

Maybelline Fit Me – My ride or die. This concealer is the best and has been around for a long time now. It’s light-weight, you can build it up to your kind of coverage and it doesn’t crease at all. Another must-have in my kit. [Price: $6.99] [bctt tweet=”8 Concealers I Won’t Stop Using!” username=”thejasminemaria”]

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind – This one another favorite of mine when it comes to the brand. I love that you can get a good coverage without it caking. And it does make you look a bit younger because it covers your dark circles, doesn’t crease and gives you a radiant looking undereye. [Price: $8.99]

NYX Pro HD – Not many people are a fan of this concealer, but for me & the clients I’ve used this on, it’s worked amazingly. You get a radiant looking skin and covers up those dark circles. It gives a medium coverage but it’s buildable to full coverage. [Price: $4.99]

8 Concealers I Won't Stop Using

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Now there are only 2 high-end concealers right now that I am loving. I have yet to try the Tape Shape which is the MOST talked, bragged and raved about. Probably because every time I’ve gone in to get it, they don’t have my shade. So I gave up on it. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay – The packaging for this concealer is by far the cutest thing ever. It looks like a lipstick almost. Coverage is freaking amazing which is the one I am using in this photo above. You get a matte finish, it’s waterproof, doesn’t crease and creamy. So it’s easy to blend with a brush or beauty blender. [Price: $25]

Urban Decay All Nighter – I received this one in a PR package. And I am a fan of the foundation so when they came out with a concealer I was happy to try it out. Haven’t stopped using it. If you’re an oily skin girl, this a must-have. The concealer is full coverage, gives a matte finish BUT you do have to work with it by sections. It dries out fast if you let it sit there. But it’s definitely one that I use and have on my brides that have oily skin and want a full coverage. [Price: $29

Now tell me, what concealers have you tried and won’t stop using?

I love buying new products and testing them out. 

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