Travel Essentials I Can’t Leave Home Without

Travel Essentials


As we are slowly transitioning from Summer to Autumn, we are definitely looking forward to our mini vacation we are planning in October. We want to make sure that we do as much as we can in Autumn with the boys because that’s our favorite season of the year. There are so many fun festivals up north from Wisconsin which means we would need to stay up there. Of course, when traveling anywhere you want to make sure you bring all of the essentials when it comes to traveling. 

Because I’m a control freak when it comes to packing I like to make a list of things I need to bring for all 4 of us. Because let’s be honest kids and men always forget something. When making my list of things to bring when traveling I like to make sure I start with everything we all need and will be sharing. 

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Travel Essentials: 

Bathroom HygieneEven if a hotel provides those tiny soaps and shampoo/conditioner, I like to make sure I bring our own products that we are used to using. This means bringing our Suave body washes. Suave is such a great affordable body wash to bring when it comes to traveling. They’re great for the whole family to use and they smell good. We really like the Ocean Breeze and Sweet Pea & Violet scents. It’s always great to use in the morning before starting your day, it’ll give you the boost confidence and you’ll smell good. Find out which body scent from Suave Body Wash is perfect you by taking this quiz

Other bathroom hygiene items we bring: toothpaste + toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, deodorant and mouth rinse. 

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Travel Essentials

Electronic + Chargers – Can’t leave the house without our iPad and iPhone and the chargers. And since there’s 4 of us, we have to bring all 4 chargers to avoid fighting over 1 charger. I’m sure other parents can relate to this. 

Snacks + Drinks – Driving up north of Wisconsin can be long so we definitely like to make sure we have snacks and drinks in the car. Plus we want to make sure we avoid having to stop during the drive. 

Fun Family Games – I don’t know about you guys but we do like to play fun games with the kids like Uno’s so we like to make sure we bring fun family games to entertain ourselves besides using our electronics. 

Blanket + Pillows – I’m so high maintenance that I like to bring our own pillows and travel blankets when we are staying in hotels. Lol, I just can’t sleep if I don’t have my own pillow or blanket, unfortunately, that rubbed off onto my kids. 

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Those are just some of the essentials I like to make sure we pack but on top of that, I like to make sure I bring the things I need for myself like my makeup, laptop, and morning/nightly travel size skin care products. 

What are some of your essentials when it comes to traveling? 

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