Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Have you heard of Twist by Ouidad? If you’re someone with curly hair. I’m sure you have heard of this brand. I have been wanting to try out their hair products since they launched. I took their hair quiz to determine which products I needed for my hair. Since the curls have been out to play for the past few weeks. I did a pretty big purchase. Their hair products are meant to be affordable since Ouidad is on the pricey side. I love Ouidad but I can’t always buy their products if I am on a budget.

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products Review

Twist by Ouidad Hair Products

I’ve recently learned that I have low porosity hair. My hair doesn’t retain water at all. As soon as I wash my hair and get out of the shower, it’s already dry by the time I am done getting dressed. I knew that I needed moisture when it came to picking out the Twist hair products. After taking their hair quiz on their website. Twist recommended their Extra Moisture lineup.

I am going to say my very first time using these products my hair didn’t turn out well. I had to figure out which product it was. So of course I gave the hair products another try but I opted into skipping 1 particular product that I knew must’ve been the issue. Continue reading to see which product it was.

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Shampoo + Conditioner

On Repeat Gentle Oil Infused Shampoo – Because I only wash my hair every 4-5 days this shampoo helps cleanse without stripping my hair from any vital oils. It infuses moisture into each of my hair strands and mimics curls’ natural oils. It makes my hair soft and prevents frizz and flyaways.

Gimme It All 4-in-1 Conditioner – Because my hair needs moisture, this multi-use conditioner helps with that. Not only does it condition but also gives your hair an extra cleanse.


Moisture Locking Leave-In Conditioner – This product had to be very careful with because the first time I used I put way too much and it was a hot mess. So when I used it the second time, instead of spraying it onto my hair, I decided to spray it into my hand and applied it that way. This leave-in conditioner helps hydrate, detangle, and prime your hair.

Boss Bounce Buildable Styling Cream – This product was TOO THICK for my hair. My hair absolutely didn’t like it. Made my hair super greasy and weighed down my curls. I think this is more for those with coily dry hair.

Ready Set Bounce Soft Curls Gel – I loved loved loved this gel. There’s absolutely no crunch when using this gel. It gives you a soft hold, curls are defined and it encourages natural bounce + definition. Also helps with frizz.

Hype It Up Refreshing Spray – I loved this product a lot. I realized that after using this product I only needed to use a little bit of hair gel. But it didn’t make my hair feel gross or anything.

Overall I really liked their products. Definitely need to be careful with their products. I did get their dry shampoo but I haven’t used it yet. I will plan to talk about that more when I try that out.

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