Verb Hair Products Review
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Verb Hair Products Review

Verb Hair Products Review

Let’s talk about curly hair products. This is actually my first curly hair product review. I’ve talked about products I’ve been using that’s been amazing when it comes to my curly hair [See here and here]. One of the recent purchases I’ve made was VERB. This brand is fairly new to me and I was definitely excited to try them out. I’ve seen lots of people talk about the brand, especially curly girls. I’m up for trying out new products.

Verb Hair Products Review

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Verb Hair Products Review

Verb Hair Products Review

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VERB Hair Products Review

With every curly hair product, you are going to have trial and error. And let me tell you, I did! The first time I tried the products I used too much of the curl cream and leave-in conditioner. It was so bad I had to rewash my hair. I will say that I had to ask my friend Chloe for advice just to make sure I wasn’t using the product wrong or if maybe the product wasn’t going to work with my hair. The second time using the product I made sure to use less than what I normally use when it comes to the products and it worked like magic.

Curl Shampoo + Conditioner –  Let’s go ahead and talk about the shampoo. First off you only need a little bit of when washing (depending on how much hair you have of course) bc I noticed that it creates a lot of suds. The shampoo smells so good and is only meant for those with curly hair. It cleanses waves, curls, and coils while preserving moisture. It also helps with frizz and balanced scalp. This is going to help your curls if they are dry from lack of hydration.

When it comes to the conditioner, it is going to deeply nourish your hair, repair any damages your curls may have, promote shine, reduce frizz, and give back those curl patterns. I did love how my hair felt after using the shampoo + conditioner. It was soft and silky.

Curl Cream – Although I had troubles with it the first time (user error lol), I do love this curl cream. It’s a light hold when it comes to styling with it. The curl cream is a lightweight formula to activate curls, help keep their shape, provide bounce to the curls, and of course control frizz.

Curl Leave-In Conditioner – I never use to add a leave-in conditioner to my hair before. I’ve noticed that when I do use a leave-in conditioner that it does help my hair with moisture. On top of the moisture, the leave-in conditioner does provide bounce to my curls and detangles my hair easily. Another great thing about this specific leave-in conditioner is that it provides natural UV protection to guard your hair against dryness and color fading.

Lastly is the Ghost Oil. I’ve mentioned this in my June Beauty Favorites. But this oil is BOMB. I love that it doesn’t feel heavy on my hair but it does give my hair shine, controls any frizz, and hydrates my ends.

Overall these products are amazing. Not only do they have products for curly hair but they also cater to other hair types. It’s definitely worth trying out VERB. Also to get your money’s worth, you are better off getting a custom kit. That’s what I did in order to get 5 products for $72 vs $90 and you get 10% OFF when you use my link automatically.

You won’t be disappointed when you give VERB a try.

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