Virtual Visits with a Doctor at Home

Virtual Visits with a Doctor at Home

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If I learned anything through this chaotic pandemic is that being home is the safe zone. I work from home thankfully but my husband doesn’t. He’s an essential worker. At the start of this pandemic, everything pretty much shut down, and not going to lie it scared me a bit. I had a few doctor appointments coming up and I’ve learned that virtual visits were going to be a thing to keep us from having to go in and being potentially exposed.

SSM Health Virtual  Visits

Personally, I still don’t feel comfortable going into the doctor’s office. I would much rather do my visits virtually. And I can do that with the help of SSM Health Virtual Visits. You can easily use the SSM Health Virtual Visits on your smartphone or computer. If you’re a first time user, you will need to create an account so it’s easier to schedule a virtual visit the next time. Don’t worry if you do not have insurance, no insurance verification is required, the visit is only going to cost you $25. Super affordable and it cost less than a copay and they accept cash/credit payment.

How does it work?

  • You go to SSM Health Virtual Visits on your smartphone or computer.
  • Complete the questionnaire. This will take you about 5-15 mins based on what a provider would ask during an in-person visit. You may be asked to submit photos for better care. When you’re on your desktop, the questionnaire screen will look like this:

Virtual Visits with a Doctor at Home

Virtual Visits with a Doctor at Home


  • They have normal business hours Monday-Friday (9 am-7:30 pm) and Saturday-Sunday (10 am-4:30 pm). Be sure to schedule those virtual visits during those business hours. You’ll receive a phone call or video visit call in less than 60 mins. But if you do it after hours, expect a call the next day.
  • During your virtual visit, you will receive a treatment plan from the SSM Health provider that they will go over with you. And if you need any medications, they will send that over to your pharmacy.

I feel that this is a great option for parents who can’t haul their kids to the doctor’s office because of the number of people they have to limit inside the office. If one of my boys starts to feel ill, I can easily go to SSM Health Virtual Visits, sign in, and set up a virtual appointment with a physician. I just have to answer a few questions regarding the symptoms or concerns my son is having.

These virtual visits are mainly for non-urgent visits, for example, cold/flu, ear infections, sinus infections, pink eye, allergies, and diaper rash are to name a few. I highly recommend taking advantage of virtual visits. Again they only cost $25 per visit and you won’t be charged until after you have completed your visit.

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