New Way to Hair Washing with Waterpik® Hair Wand

Waterpik® Hairwand

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Living in an apartment isn’t always luxurious. Because you are technically renting it. But just because you’re renting an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things like you would if it was your own home. My bathroom is my sanctuary after a long and busy day. I want to be able to go into my bathroom and take a nice hot shower.  

But when you have an apartment, you don’t always get the best shower heads. It doesn’t have the best pressure or massages your scalp. Thankfully, you are able to replace those shower heads with any shower head you decide to purchase. Which is what I did. I recently replaced our old showerhead with the Waterpik® Hair Wand. Best decision ever because I never want to leave get out of my showers. It was super easy to install. My dad was able to do it within 5-10 minutes. The instructions on the box are easy to follow.

Waterpik® Hairwand

Waterpik® Hairwand

Waterpik® Hairwand

Waterpik® Hair Wand

If you’re unfamiliar with the Waterpik® Hair Wand Spa System is a luxurious way to nurture your hair and body. It’s designed to thoroughly rinse any product from your hair without damaging it. But on top of that, it works like a natural water comb for scalp massage, thorough rinsing, and muscle tension relief.

According to their consumer study:

Up to 90% of users experience muscle tension release within minutes.

The Hair Wand Spa System does have 3 different settings:

PowerComb™ mode also helps to relieve muscle tension by holding the wand in the affected area. (Neck, shoulders, calves and lower back)

SoftComb™ mode is a great way to relieve tension and relaxes anywhere from head to toe.

Gentle Rinse mode may be used for sensitive areas such as the face. It is also a water saving mode for when you’re shaving or shampooing.

How do you use the hair wand? You want to start at the top of the head and place the wand about 2 inches from your hair and move in downward motions as if you’re combing your own hair with the hair wand.

Now if you’re wondering if the Main Fixed mount showerhead has any other modes, it does. It actually has 9 spray modes for your preferred shower experience. Full body for head to toe coverage. PowerSpray for a concentrated stream. Soft mist for a relaxing experience or facial. PowerPulse Massage to relieve upper body tension by delivering 2X more massage force. I have to say I love having the Waterpik® Hair Wand Spa SystemIt feels amazing when I shower and my boys and fiance love it as well. I’ve noticed that when using the hair wand, I no longer have to struggle with detangling my hair because the hair wand helps with combing my hair.

Watch the video at and look for the link to the $10 Rebate (good towards any purchase made online or in-store).

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  1. Emily Fata wrote:

    I’m always so paranoid about not thoroughly rinsing my hair after shampooing it. This would be a great way to ensure that it’s totally rinsed out!

    Posted 2.18.19 Reply
  2. Annaliese wrote:

    I also rent an apartment and my shower head definitely isn’t the best- love this!

    xoxo A

    Posted 2.18.19 Reply
  3. Beth wrote:

    This is a really cool product! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 2.18.19 Reply
  4. Amanda wrote:

    That shower head is awesome!

    Posted 2.18.19 Reply
  5. aisasami wrote:

    That looks like a great showerhead that can really do a good job washing your hair.

    Posted 2.19.19 Reply
  6. How nifty is that! Super great for someone like me with LONG hair!

    Posted 2.19.19 Reply