Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

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Last month I booked my appointment at David’s Bridal in hopes of finding my wedding dress. Sadly I didn’t get to “Say Yes” to the dress. If you saw on my Instagram Stories I posted these a few of the dresses I tried on (some I didn’t bother having my girls photograph because we didn’t like them). Let me tell you, wedding dress shopping is STRESSFUL!

When you walk into the bridal store, you see SO MANY wedding dresses. First off I’m a picky and indecisive person. When I went into David’s Bridal, I had a vision of what I wanted for my wedding dress to look like (Thanks, Pinterest!). There are definitely things I’ve learned from this first round of wedding dress experience.

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Bring Your Bridesmaids – Having my bridesmaids there was fun but also helpful when I tried on dresses. But keep in mind everyone has different opinions so you’re definitely going to be confused.

Get Your Makeup & Hair Done – I personally curled my own hair and added my hair extensions because I know for sure I will be wearing hair extensions on my wedding day, so I wanted to see what dresses would like with my hair down (still indecisive on having my hair up or down). Per usual, I did my own makeup but for a bridal look. This will help you envision your wedding day.

Have A Budget – Going in with a budget definitely helps to make sure that you don’t try on a dress that you will fall in love with and then realize it’s out of your price range. Definitely, express that to the rep.

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Try On Different Styles – Doing this will help you see what works best for your body shape. But if you know you don’t want a certain style, tell the rep that as well.

SPEAK YOUR MIND – I’m that person that will NOT speak my mind in public especially to strangers. But I learned that it’s okay to express how you feel about a dress. Keep in mind that when you go to a bridal store, they do ask you questions about what your dream dress is, then the rep goes and tries to find dresses from their collection to have you try on. If you don’t like what she/he is bringing out, speak up!

Book Many Appointments – Before “Saying Yes” to the dress, book as many appointments to different bridal boutiques because you never know where you may actually find THE DRESS. Each boutique has different styles and designers.

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Take Photos – Have your bridesmaids take photos of the dresses you like and even keeping tabs on the name of the dress, to reference back.

Don’t Alter Too Early – If you’re having a long engagement (like me), make sure you don’t get your dress altered. Make sure you wait a few months prior to purchasing your dress because you never know if your dress will fit the same way when you bought it.

EAT EAT EAT! – Don’t go to your bridal fitting on an empty stomach. You won’t be in a happy mood when you try on dresses. No one likes a HANGRY BRIDEZILLA.

My last tip for future brides, HAVE FUN! This is one of the most fun experience when it comes to wedding planning. If you don’t find “the dress” the first round, don’t sweat it. There’s plenty of more bridal boutiques out there. Also, make sure you have someone hide your dress.

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