Wedding Registry with Erie Insurance

Wedding Registry with Erie Insurance

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I am getting married in 22 days and the closer we get to our wedding I am constantly feeling like I am crossing things off my checklist and adding more. Brian and I opted out of doing a wedding registry as we have everything we need in our apartment. But today’s post is going to be more for those newly engaged couples that will help them when it comes to their wedding registry.

Wedding Registry with Erie Insurance

Wedding Registry with Erie Insurance

Wedding Registry with Erie Insurance

Although I am talking about wedding registry items today I am actually going to be bringing up the topic of why it’s important to have Erie Insurance. Recently Erie Insurance conducted a national survey that revealed insights about wedding gifts couples DIDN’T register but wish they had. But also gifts they are still glad, they registered for versus ones they regret.

Another question in their survey that they asked their respondents was about unusual wedding gifts, their attitudes on various etiquette topics including registering for money and their advice to other couples who are registering today for their wedding.

Part of the purpose of this survey was to educate consumers that if they do receive particularly valuable items, ex: fine china, silver, or artwork, they should contact their insurance agent to see if they should add the items to their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Below you’re going to find items that couples wish they had registered but are not limited to:

Robotic Vacuum

58% of the people surveyed said they had wished they registered their robotic vacuum. Only 17% of the people surveyed said that they actually DID register it and were gifted one. But also 88% said they were happy they did.

Air Fryer

I don’t know about you guys, but my air fryer is my favorite kitchen tool. I invested in my air fryer. When Erie Insurance surveyed the people, only 48% wish they had, 20% actually did, and were gifted one, 89% were still happy with it.

Lawn Equipment

When it came to lawn equipment 47% wish they had registered for it, only 13% actually did and of those that were gifted lawn equipment, 84% of them were still happy they had. Lawn equipment isn’t cheap and it’s an investment.


Have you thought about your honeymoon when it comes to your wedding gift registry? If your answer is “NO” it’s time you do so. 34% of surveyed couples said they wished they put their luggage on their lists. Good quality luggage is expensive as is so having this covered under your homeowner’s insurance is important.

Engagement Ring/Wedding Bands

Although your engagement/wedding bands are not part of your wedding registry it’s still something you definitely want to add to your homeowner’s insurance. Your partner invested enough money on your beautiful ring so you definitely want to make sure you register that under your insurance.

If you notice most of the items listed on here are high priced items. Lot’s of people surveyed said that they would highly recommend for newly engaged couples to register the high-priced items that they would never buy themselves. And other’s said to just get what you really need first and then move onto the high-priced items.

Not only does Erie insure your home, but they also insure your belongings. I don’t know about you but when you search for homeowner’s insurance, most companies limit coverage on items such as fine china, artwork, and silver among other things.

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