Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

I have to say I am lovin’ all of these collections, Wet’n Wild is launching. When I saw this huge PAC-MAN collection in my front doorstep. When I was younger I remember playing PAC-MAN and that game was the SH**. My boys saw the box and they thought it was a game and I had to tell them it was makeup. I will say when I opened the box I was intrigued and that was because of the colors in the collection.

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

This collection is NOT your everyday collection that you get excited for because of the neutral colors. I can definitely see myself using this to create beautiful fun makeup looks. I mean there are SOME colors in the palette that you can definitely use for everyday wear but this whole collection is leaning towards fun looks.

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Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

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Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

Wet n Wild PAC-MAN Collection Review

PAC-MAN Game Over Palette

This palette contains beautiful colorful eyeshadows. When it came to swatching the colors, I was definitely impressed by how pigmented the colors were. There were no patches and it was easy to blend but as I mentioned earlier, the colors are colorful so there are probably only 4 eyeshadows that you can use for everyday wear. But I don’t think this palette is meant for everyday wear. This palette contains 7 matte shades and 2 shimmers.

PAC-MAN Power Pellets Blushlighter

These power pellets are a combination of highlighter with a blush. The pigmentation on this blushlighter is beautiful. I loved it immediately when I swatched it. It’s suitable for all skin tone colors which is amazing. These pigmented pearls create a luminous glow. If you’re unfamiliar how to use it, all you have to do is swirl your brush on the pellets and apply to your face.

As of right now, the PAC-MAN Game Over palette is sold in the SHINE KIT that includes the PAC-MAN Waka Waka Waka Eyeshadow Brush and PAC-MAN Power Pellets Blushlighter for $18.99.

PAC-MAN High Score Blush Palette

This palette is filled 1 peach blush and 3 pink shimmery blushes that are freaking gorgeous. It would work with fair and medium skin tones. The shimmer in the blushes also adds a nice highlighting detail which we all know I love.

PAC-MAN Power Pellets Bronzer

I normally wouldn’t use a bronzer in this form. I love going ham on my bronzer so this could be a disaster for me. But when I swatched it on my arm the color is so pigmented and shimmery. It’s supposed to provide a beautiful bronzey glow on your skin.

As of right now, the PAC-MAN High Score Blush palette is sold in the PAC-MAN Powder Kit which includes the PAC-MAN Power Pellets Bronzer plus the PAC-MAN Waka Waka Waka Powder Brush for $19.99.


The lip kit contains the Ghost Gloss, Fruit Lip Balm, and Fruit Lip Scrub. Although these glosses are freaking pigmented, sadly these are not something I will use. The colors are beautiful and bold, but I don’t like to wear gloss. I love how the lip balm smells and smooth my lips felt and the scrub definitely helps with removing the dry skin on my lips.

PAC-MAN Perfect Game Nail Kit

I didn’t play with this nail kit because I currently use the dip powder on my nails. From what it looks like the colors are bright and bold. I could definitely see myself using these in the summer versus fall/winter.

You can purchase the entire PAC-MAN collection for $69. Otherwise, they do sell separate kits (mentioned above) but the items are not sold separately. Do I think it’s worth it? Only if you’re into bright and bold colors.

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  1. This collection looks so fun! I used to love playing PAC-MAN when I was younger!

    Ashlee | https://www.maybeafterbrunch.com

    Posted 9.6.19 Reply