What To Wear To Disney World Plus Must Haves

What To Wear To Disney World Plus Must Haves

When I was researching for our first Disney World trip last year, I was looking at outfits and what we should wear while being out there. Florida heat is no joke. It’s hot and humid. But when we were out there last year I learned that dressing in t-shirts isn’t always a good idea. See I sweat really fast and if you’re like and have that same issue, then maybe the outfits I will share with you will help!

On top of sharing the outfits, I wore to Disney World. I’m going to be sharing a few makeup products that lasted me through the hot sweaty day and key essentials that you need to bring on your trip.

What To Wear To Disney World Plus Must Haves

I mainly wore athletic clothes to Disney. I wanted to ensure that I wore things that I knew would be comfortable but that would help with sweating. P.s. I sucked at taking outfit pics while at Disney World. Thankfully I took some while at home.

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Disney World Outfits


By far my favorite outfit, to be honest. Because it went well with my Jasmine ears. The shorts are light and airy. The shorts under the flowy part of the shorts didn’t budge at all. Which is a must for someone like me who has thick thighs. I also have a tan version of these. Sadly my ears are no longer available but I found some that are similar.

Disney World Outfits

Magic Kingdom

I wore a tennis dress and it comes with shorts under it. It’s not detachable but honestly, that didn’t bother me at all. If you were something that detaches the shorts, then you can definitely find some. It has bra padding so no need to worry about wearing a bra. Thank God. This tennis dress does come in a variety of colors.

Disney World Outfits

Hollywood Studios

Also wore a tennis dress on this day. This one also has shorts under them BUT they kept riding up so that was a pain. I wish they would’ve stayed in place. I rocked my lululemon dupe as a fanny to help with my shoulders because I did get a bit sunburnt. Thankfully my husband had a backpack on to carry my important essentials.

Essential Must Haves for Disney World

Cooling Towels – These are the best thing ever. We kept ours in our fridge in the room overnight to keep them pretty cold. This helps so much with cooling down because I almost fainted on day 1 at the park because of heat exhaustion. The towel definitely helps.

Portable Charger – Another must when you’re at the parks all day. Your battery will drain especially from using the Disney Experience app.

Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer – this didn’t budge even when I was sweating.

Carpe Sweat Absorbing Moisturizer – This helped my face so much. Even though it didn’t last all day. It helped keep my makeup in place because it was absorbing all of my sweat.

Sunscreen – You should never forget that especially going to Florida.

Portable Fans – I don’t know what I would have done without my fan.

Ponchos – Cause you never know when it’s going to rain in Florida. We got ours off Amazon and it’s the best.

Thigh Deodorant – If you have thick thighs like me, this is going to save your thighs. Make sure you reapply.

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