Why Collagen is Important & Should Be in Your Routine

Why Collagen is Important & Should Be in Your Routine

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The past few weeks I’ve been talking to you about Vital Proteins products and the benefits of their products. If you haven’t read those posts yet you can read them here and here. I started to add collagen powder to my routine because it has so many great benefits not only for your hair, skin, and nails but for your body as well. 

Why Collagen is Important & Should Be in Your Routine

What is collagen powder, you might ask? 

Normally collagen is a flavorless powder that you can easily add to your coffee, smoothies, or any drinks for that matter. 

How do I add collagen to my routine?

There are many different ways but one of my favorites is definitely adding it to my coffee in the morning. Vital Proteins has a Collagen Creamer that you can add to your COFFEE!!! Yes, I said COFFEE. If you’re like me I can’t drink black coffee. I need my coffee to have some creamer. Vital Protein’s Collagen Creamer is made from coconut milk and FREE of dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and refined sugars. 

Although the collagen creamer is NOT flavorless they do have some tasty flavors to add to your coffee like gingerbread, vanilla or coconut. So you don’t have to worry about having straight coffee. 

Why Collagen is Important & Should Be in Your Routine

Why collagen is important and should be apart of your routine?

Not a health expert or anything but you can read all about it here –> WHY COLLAGEN VIA VITAL PROTEINS

What I can tell you is that it’s a GREAT way to give you a boost of energy, protein, and support connective tissue. Not only that but it’s good for your hair, skin, and nails. Which I have noticed a difference since I’ve added collagen to my routine.

I’ve noticed that it does keep me full for a while instead of snacking every now and then because the collagen contains proteins. 

Will you try and add collagen to your routine? 

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