Why We Decided to Use Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers

Why We Decided to Use Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers

During the wedding planning process, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to use real flowers or artificial flowers. After many pro’s and cons, we decided to use artificial flowers. There are many reasons why we decided to use artificial flowers which you can read below. Searching for a vendor who used artificial flowers that didn’t look fake was quite the challenge.

Why We Decided to Use Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers

I managed to find a vendor here in Wisconsin about 45 mins away from me. When I found Love Birds: Details & Designs I immediately knew I wanted to use them for my weddings. The flowers looked real and that’s what I loved about it.  While communicating with the owner of Love Birds: Details & Designs, she created samples from pictures I had sent her for inspiration. She completely nailed it and I was so excited to see them in person. We met with her this past weekend and we were both blown away by how beautiful, real and huge the flowers looked.

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Why We Decided to Use Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers

Inexpensive – You have no idea how expensive real flowers can cost. We are talking $1k+ and I just couldn’t justify spending that amount. With artificial flowers, they are inexpensive. Let’s just say it’s $300 under my budget. That’s including bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpiece flowers, and flower girl flowers.

They Won’t Die – With artificial flowers, you are able to keep them and store them away for memories. Unlike real flowers which only last for that day. Sometimes flowers start to look sad on the day of the wedding and you can’t do anything about it.

Allergies – Sorry but the majority of us suffer from allergies and holding a bouquet of real flowers will just make me miserable on the day of my wedding. Not happening. I am saving myself plus my fiancé from that.

Bugs Will Stay Away – During the beginning of fall, bugs are insane in Wisco, so using these artificial flowers will stop us from freaking out when we are holding our flowers. Nobody needs us looking crazy trying to swing away bugs lol. I’ve seen too many YouTube/Facebook videos of brides or bridesmaids trying to get rid of bugs on their flowers lol.

If you’re planning your wedding and trying to stay under your budget, skip the real flowers and find yourself a VERY good florist that uses artificial flowers. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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