Work From Home Loungewear

Work From Home Loungewear

Are you still working from home? If you are and you’re looking to feel like you got yourself together but also feel comfortable while you work from home, this post today is for you! Personally, for me, I love wearing cute comfy clothes while I work. I work from home full time as a blogger so comfort is everything to me. I love wearing joggers or leggings with a sweater or long sleeve top.

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Work From Home Loungewear

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I am not one who will wear jeans while sitting at home, that’s not comfortable at all. Give me all the cozy comfies. The loungewear I am going to show you is probably one of the comfiest loungewear I have ever worn. Figleaves sent me two of their loungewear pieces. To me, they’re almost a set but they have another top version to go with the joggers. It’s 100% cashmere and I can definitely see myself wearing this all the time.

Because the joggers and hoodie are 100% cashmere I will be honest, you will spend $330+ on the set together. Yes, I know it’s pricey and you may not be able to afford it, which is why I am sharing a few other affordable options for those who can’t spend that amount of money.

Let’s talk about loungewear. This is my first time ever owning anything that is cashmere. I’ve always heard that cashmere is soft but also pricey especially if it’s 100% cashmere. The Figleaves Bliss Cashmere Cuffed Joggers are a slim fit with an elastic ankle. Figleaves Bliss Hoody has ribbed cuffs and stylish ties on each hip, so you can adjust it to suit. These two pieces of clothing make it perfect for lounging around the house while you work. Figleaves have other affordable loungewear pieces that you may like.

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  1. Jenna wrote:

    Loungewear is the best when working from home! 🙂 Definitely helps to be comfortable!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    Posted 9.10.20 Reply