How to Be Queen of Confidence

Please email me ( to discuss what you’d like to collaborate on and we can then further discuss my rates and what I can do for you. I’ll send along my media kit + rate card, as well.
I’m reachable between 7am – 5pm Central Standard time Monday-Friday. I like to take the weekends off since I am a mom and have responsibilities. 75% of the time I will respond to emails, comments, social media interactions when I’m on my phone.
I do reserve the right to decline advertising from blogs/shops/products/etc. that do not fit well with my site or that I disagree with. This usually doesn’t but here are some ideas of what I will not accept: Hate speech of any kind (this includes negative remarks regarding a person’s color, location, language, education, gender, relationship, body, etc.), overly religious or political blogs, and products that test on animals.