Writer's Block - How To Get Inspired When You're In A Rut

Writer’s Block – How To Get Inspired When You’re In A Rut

Writer's Block - How To Get Inspired When You're In A Rut

Who has had writer’s block? I know I have. That’s seriously the worst thing that can happen to a blogger. Sometimes this happens because you’re burnt out. Most of the time the reason why you’re burnt out is that you’re tired, stressed, bored and possibly suffering from anxiety/depression. When you feel that way, it’s hard to get your creative juices flowing. I have found ways to avoid having writer’s block and I am here to share with you great ideas on how you can avoid writer’s block.

9 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block

Now keep in mind that these are just ideas and it may help you get creative again. This is what works for me.


I love just jotting down on a notebook (or even on your notes in your phone) of what things I think I can write about. Then I like to break them down by categories and figure out catching titles to create.


This is where it comes helpful when you’re suffering from anxiety and/or depression. I have anxiety and I do take antidepressants. One great thing I like to do is just meditate even if it’s for 5 minutes. It definitely helps to let go of whatever is bugging you and get motivated again.

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Take a Break

Nothing wrong with taking a break. Being a blogger is a lot of work and it’s okay to take a step back and just focus on whatever else you need to focus on. I’ve taken breaks just so that I can avoid burning myself out.

Find Something Fun To Do

Get outside or find something to do that’s going to bring you joy. Go see a movie, hang out with friends, go on a walk, something to get you outside of your home. A breath of fresh air helps.

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Read Other Blogs

My FAVORITE thing to do. I love just going on Bloglovin’ or even on Twitter by looking up hashtags so I can find things to write about. It’s a great way to get inspired. Just be sure that you don’t COPY what they’re writing because that’s just wrong and illegal.

Talk to Your Blog Friends

I love having my girls because they inspire me and motivate me. Having that community helps so much. You’re able to vent, talk and then brainstorm ideas for each other.

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Listen to Podcasts

One of my newest favorite thing to do. Find a “category” you’re interested in and listen to it. For me, I love anything gossip, crime and influencers. A few of my favorites are:

  • Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher
  • Pursuit of Purpose – Melyssa Griffin
  • The Influencers Podcast – Julie Solomon
  • Style Your Mind – Cara Alwill

Writer's Block - How To Get Inspired When You're In A Rut

Change Your Work Environment

I love working from home but sometimes it can get boring. Thankfully we just redid our apartment balcony and we are able to actually sit outside. We got a cute bistro set so no excuse to not enjoy my coffee and work outside. For me, working outside can be hard because of my anxiety. So going to a coffee shop is a bit difficult unless I am going with someone.

Ask Your Readers/Followers

Pretty simple to do. Ask them what they want to see on your blog and I can guarantee they’re going to help you with writing ideas. You’d be surprised by how many different ideas you’re going to get.

What are some ways you like to get reinspired when you’re having writer’s block?

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  1. All great tips, Jasmine! Changing your work environment is huge! I find when I go to my in-laws for a good bit and just work from their kitchen, that my creativity is sparked again. So crazy!

  2. Great post! I love the podcast suggestions and will have to check these out. I’ve been interested in starting to listen to podcasts but didn’t know where to start. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are all great tips! I’ve found myself more than once in that situation where I have absolutely no idea as to what to write. I usually take a break, eat something ( food always helps) and try to get back to it. The truth is that the creative process is complex and shouldn’t be rushed. I’m going to start doing these!

    Candace Hampton

  4. These are really great ideas! I have definitely been in ruts and blocks before, and I’ve done a mix of these tips. I find that having a life and interests outside of the blog can, in turn, inspire your blogging/working life!

  5. Reading other blogs and listening to podcasts are two of my favorite ways to erase writer’s block. Also going for a walk, going shopping, or visiting a new city!!

  6. Great tips! I have just found the world of podcasts and it is pretty addictive! Sometimes also working at night time is working for me, even though I may think I won’t get anything done, and then I notice that I actually been writing a whole blog post or something like that!

    1. I love working at night too. I get more things done at night versus day but I am trying to switch that up. I also noticed that ideas come flying to me at night lol.

  7. Great post! Especially about taking breaks. I realized I was feeling burnt out and experiencing writer’s block when I was putting a post up on my blog almost every day! I decided to only post three times a week and it’s massively improved!

  8. Such great tips! I’ve started to practice mindfulness and it’s really started to help with my writer’s block. I’ve recently started listening to podcasts too and it’s been just as helpful.

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